DK ninjas


DK ninjas is a team created on the EU west server in the game League of legends by riotgames inc. The team members is some guys in Denmark on Funen. If you dont know the game League of Legends, you might as well leave this site.


DK Ninjas er et hold lavet på EU west serveren i spillet League of Legends af riotgames inc. Holdmedlemmerne er nogen drenge fra Fyn i Danmark. Hvis du ikke kender spillet kan du lige så godt forlade denne side.


If you have had trouble playing a champion. or simply dont know what to buy, you can check it out right here. You can also find usefull tips. About the champion.

Our ranked team will sometimes play ranked matches and some will be uploaded on here. In the videos you will see our champion builds being used.


ad akali build added

our new ad akali top build is now out. and available to use.

ap attack speed kennen build added

The ap attack speed kennen build is now added. It is very effective at triggering kennens W and adding stacks of his passive.

tons of features

There will soon be a lot of new features as adding two other builds and making our ezreal adc build more complete as it is very unprecise now. The video tab were you can see our games in ranked will also be added.

I also have a surprise, but you will se that in the update.

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